Chapel Haven Changes Lives: Spencer!
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Chapel Haven Changes Lives: Spencer!

Chapel Haven Changes Lives this week focuses on Spencer K.

Spencer came to Chapel Haven from a small town in New Hampshire in 2007. He went through the REACH program for two years, and then moved into his own apartment in the community.

Today, he works in Chapel Haven’s café, which gives him a sense of responsibility and more independence than he has ever expected.

“I like what I have learned in the residence and I can continue to do it as a community member,” he says with a shy smile.

Spencer has many passions, among them, listening to music and watching his favorite basketball team, the Celtics. “I love all the Boston teams,” he say.

His most memorable moments at Chapel Haven are the recreational trips where he has gone on (any of the trips involving sports have been his favorites) and going to the Big E.  “I love a little bit of everything in New Haven.”  He has made a lot of friends since being at Chapel Haven.


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