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Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead at CIP Bloomington

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A Director’s Note from Dr. Cliff Madison

Since Dan introduced me to you a few weeks ago, I would like to follow-up and re-introduce myself. I am Cliff Madison and I am the new Program Director at the CIP-Bloomington Center. Except for brief stint with the Veterans Health Administration as the Chief of Education Services, I have worked and lived in the Bloomington area for the past ten years. Throughout my government, public, and private sector employment I have searched for the perfect mix of service to others and leadership while working in academia and education. I found all these attributes in CIP. Every member of the Bloomington team is amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better group of staff who love their jobs!

From my initial introduction to CIP in the Long Beach Center (a HUGE “Thank You” and shout out to the LB team), and to the Bloomington Center’s staff, my transition into the Program Director position has been a swift steady uphill climb. From hosting the National CIP Program Director’s Summit in Bloomington the first full week, my learning curve has been a straight up! My introduction to CIP family culminated in an amazing 10-year anniversary celebration on June 8th at the CIP Bloomington Center. You can see some photos of the celebration below, as well as on our Flickr page. As the “new person”, I had the privilege to hear the wonderful stories and the ten-year history of the Bloomington Center from CIP President, Dan McManmon, outgoing President, Karen Thomas, our students, staff, honored guests, and other speakers. The Bloomington team managed and hosted wonderful evening.

The past month has for me have been fun, interesting, adjusting, and stretching too. The staff are wonderful and motivated to assist me learn the ins and outs of the Center. Here are some highlights from this past month:

  • For three weeks we have begun to send a weekly email titled the “B-TOWN Beat” to each students’ parents to recap the highlights of the past week.
  • Students and staff are anxious for the start of the Summer Programs at our Center.
  • We will also will be transitioning three students at the end of this month. We wish Rachel, Marina, and Parker the best of luck and safe travels — or an old Navy farewell: “Fair seas and Following winds!”

I would not change a thing over the past month. It has been a busy time for me and the Bloomington team. Adjusting and stretching is the expectation of a vertical climb and is part of my introduction.

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