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Careers and Jobs Support for Students with Autism and LD

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As part of Disability Employment Awareness Month, we are highlighting how we prepare our students with Autism and LD for real-life careers. All CIP students develop comprehensive employment skills through extensive training, counseling, community service, resume development, and internship and job placements.

Competitive jobs require employees with social skills, the ability to manage executive functioning tasks such as time management, organization, and independent living skills.

For those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and learning differences, the ability to obtain a competitive job that provides a living wage dictates the development of these competencies. CIP’s holistic and strength-based approach assists students in realizing and developing their place as citizens of the world.

Making the Most of Your Internship: 5 Tips to Tackle Challenges with Task Initiation

Many students struggle with Task Initiation. In this blog post, CIP Berkeley’s Career Coordinator lists five tips to help organize students in their jobs and internships.

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Helping Students with Autism and LD Become “Work-Ready”

Focusing on expectations and feedback, CIP Berkshire’s Career Development Educator links constructive feedback and requests we make of students in their sessions with their responsibilities in the workplace.

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An Interview with the Recipient of our 2016 CIP Outstanding Internship Sponsor Award

CIP Lead Career Coordinator, Jennifer Kolarik, interviews Val Citta from the Brevard County Dept. of Natural Resources about why our partnership with the DNR has worked over the last seven years, including strategies and words of wisdom she has for other organizations interested in working with students with Autism and LD.

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Working Wonders: Asking the Right Questions in Your Search for a Job

How do you decide what kind of job you want to look for? Asking the right questions is an important part of the job search. CIP Bloomington’s Career Coordinator explains how Parker has found a great job that goes in line with exactly what he wants to do.

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Developing Community Partnerships Into Paid Employment for Students with Autism and LD

CIP Long Beach’s Career Coordinator explains how they found local opportunities and resources to help their students explore career paths, build customer service/transferable skills, demonstrate their professional growth, all while building a community partnership.

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