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Career Day with Mploy at CIP Brevard

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With our Mploy job readiness students in town, CIP Brevard held its first Career Day last week for many year-round as well as the Mploy students. Jennifer Kolarik, Lead Career Coordinator, planned for each student to participate in two mock job interviews with Brevard staff serving as the interviewers. Prior to each interview, our administrative assistant, Kim Tolley, greeted each student in the lobby, photographed each student and then assessed how successful each student was in nailing that oh-so-important first impression. After interviewing each student, staff completed a ratings form to give feedback regarding professional dress, interview greeting and closing, depth of responses, confidence displayed, etc. Staff then reviewed the feedback form with each student highlighting ways they could impress future interviewers.

Blake, Stephanie and Elyssa
Jennifer Kolarik and MPloy Alex LH
Kim Tolley and Mploy Dylan

Ryan Therriault, Academic Coordinator, said that she really enjoyed interviewing students because she could speak to them in a more formal role than usual.

“I enjoyed giving them feedback in a different setting and watching them put into practice all of the skills they have acquired (in all CIP departments) over the past year or two. Overall, I was very impressed with the students’ interview performances….they really played the “role” well. And students were very thankful for opportunity to learn and receive feedback.”

One of our first year students, Rebecca B., said that it was her very first interview (real or mock). She was thankful for the opportunity to learn what a job interview would be like and how she could improve.

Michele Ramsay and MPloy Josh
Savannah and MPloy Dylan
Stephanie (1)

“The feedback (from staff interviewers Carrie Piscia and Lance Haskins) was really helpful. I learned that I need to present more confidently when I interview and I also need to get to the point when responding to questions.“

Dr. Michele Ramsay, Director, hit it home by reiterating that you can never practice enough for job interviews.

“Our students benefit a lot from being put into uncomfortable, novel situations and receiving feedback that they might not otherwise hear. In society, individuals typically go through job interview after job interview and never know how they really performed. Career Day for our MPloy and CIP Brevard students was an invaluable, unique opportunity to walk away with that knowledge.”

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