BAM! Stephanie is headed to Culinary School
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BAM! Stephanie is headed to Culinary School

The following is a special needs program update from College Living Experience | CLE | Choose Your Future. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

By Caitlyn Johnson, Academic Coordinator

Stephanie driving at CLE MontereyAs her Student Advisor for the past few years, writing about Stephanie Pollano’s success brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart swell. Stephanie entered the CLE Monterey program in 2010 with the goal to live independently and obtain an education that would set her up for success in the job market. In the four years she has been here, she has become one of the hardest workers I know while making a tremendous impact on other students and staff. During her time at CLE she completed her Baking Certificate at Monterey Peninsula College and completed an internship at CLE Monterey’s culinary program, The El Cajon Project.

Academic Progress

Stephanie has grown tremendously while learning how to manage her time, how to work within a team, how to study more effectively and how to break down larger projects into smaller steps to success. During her culinary internship through The El Cajon Project, unique to CLE Monterey, Stephanie worked on skills needed to increase productivity in a fast paced, demanding, culinary environment. Stephanie loved her internship and she was a successful graduate of the program.

Stephanie headed to culinary schoolIndependent Living

Stephanie’s apartment is one of the cleanest apartments we have among our student population, often being the model for prospective families looking at our program. Stephanie was committed to learning how to live independently so she always challenged herself, whether it be broadening her cooking pallet, her exercise regime, or her recipe knowledge. She was also able to organize and create a lovely living space for herself in addition to managing her bills and caring for her everyday needs. Stephanie now has all of the skills needed to move forward in her new living environment.

Social Development

Social development is another area where Stephanie has excelled while at CLE. She worked with staff on defining and creating boundaries among friendships, using social media appropriately and building and maintaining relationships. Stephanie is leaving CLE with a great group of friends who support each other and will dearly miss her when she leaves Monterey. CLE Monterey staff will also miss Stephanie checking in on us and making sure we are having a good day.

Stephanie is now moving on to the Art Institute of Sunnyvale to pursue her goal of a Culinary Certificate. She will be living independently with three new fellow students, and will continue to fine tune the skills acquired during her time at CLE Monterey. We wish her the best of luck!

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