ASAT announces winter courses
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ASAT announces winter courses

The following is a special needs program update from Chapel Haven. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

The Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) Program at Chapel Haven provides an array of services to support individuals with Asperger’s and related diagnoses to live increasingly independent and productive lives. One component is our adult education program, which offers a range of courses to develop social and independent living skills, as well as for personal enrichment.

The Course Catalog for Winter 2014 is now available. Courses range in topic and focus and include selections such as: stress management, personal finance, animation appreciation, recognizing and reading nonverbal clues, perspective taking and healthy lifestyles.

To enroll in ASAT Outreach Classes, individuals must participate in a brief intake process to ensure that they will benefit from our programming. In brief, some of the expected criteria include:
 18 years of age or older (sorry, no exceptions)
 Have a primary diagnosis of high functioning autism, ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, nonverbal learning disability, or a related social communication diagnosis
 Able to participate effectively in a group classroom environment without individual support
 Does not require direct supervision or pose a danger to self or others

Registration appointments are required for anyone registering for ASAT classes for the first time. During your registration appointment, you can expect to meet with a member of the ASAT team for a brief discussion about our programming. Our team member will also ask questions to learn more about you. You will let us know what classes you are interested in, and we will review your selections to make sure that there is space available. You can take a brief tour of our campus to get an idea of where your classes will be held. It is required that the individual interested in attending classes attend the registration session. A parent or any other interested individual is also welcome, but cannot attend in lieu of the participant. It is estimated that the registration process will take about one hour.

Please contact Jessica Gale at 203-397-1714, ext. 138 to schedule a registration session or for additional information.