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Announcing New Services and Supports at CIP for 2016

CIP is excited to offer new programming options in 2016 for transitioning CIP students, as well as enhanced family services focused on education, support and training opportunities.

Family Services

CIP is pleased to announce the addition of Family Services. Family Services will offer parent coaching services, facilitated educational events and trainings specifically for families of enrolled CIP students. Parents and/or guardians of CIP students can take advantage of family coaching with an expert facilitator, which helps to promote productive ways of managing family issues such as transitions and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Sharona Sommer, CPC will serve as Director of Family Services. Sharona has worked in the Special Education field for over 20 years and is the founder of Sharona Coaching and Consulting, which provides family coaching to families with teens and young adults on the Autism Spectrum, and also leads workshops and support groups. Sharona presents regularly at national conferences and consults with several organizations in the Autism field.

We are very excited to bring this new enhancement to the families we work with and our goal is to further improve the outcomes of our CIP students and the well-being of our families.

Graduate Living Community (GLC)

As the critical need for longer-term housing support options grows, CIP is responding by offering new lower cost and longer-term support options for students who are exiting our Full Year programs. CIP’s Graduate Living Communities (GLC) are unique post-CIP living communities focused on higher level skill development in areas of college academics, employment, social/interpersonal development, and executive functioning skills.

This unique community model provides an integrated transition to next level of independence after CIP and a tight-fitting peer group with an emphasis on social development. Participants must be enrolled in college and/or employed or pursuing employment. The GLC will be available on an invitation-only basis for students who have achieved certain benchmarks while enrolled in CIP’s full-year on-campus program.

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