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A New Beginning at CIP Brevard

new students 2015By Michele Ramsay
Program Director, CIP Brevard

A new beginning was the theme during our new student orientation of 2015 at the Brevard Center. Seven new students were accepted into the Fall term at the College Internship Program and now their journey begins.

During orientation, the students’ schedules were quickly filled, as they had an opportunity to sample all the classes offered. They also met staff members in each department, and got to know their new local surroundings during recreational activities. Some of our memorable outings are shared in the photographs below.

Getting to know our new students and their interests…
Alex – Is a gamer at heart. He enjoys gaming and inviting fellow classmates to play along.
Brandon – Joins us from sunny Jamaica. He’s eager to jump into new things, make friends, and gain life experiences.
Bryn – Is a social butterfly. Often found talking with her classmates and lending a sympatric ear, she enjoys bike rides with our wellness instructor and socializing with her roommates.
Dan – Is a man of the Performing Arts. Ask Dan about a Broadway production and he will educate you on the music, cast, and theme.
Garrett – Is an Intellectual. He has an analytic thought process that allows him to have excellent discussions with his peers and staff. Challenge him in a debate, I dare you!
Michael – Is an extremely friendly young man. He enjoys stopping in the offices daily and saying hello to the staff in addition to sharing photos of his family pets. He’s particularly proud of his new dog.
Rebecca – Is an amazing free-hand artist. This young lady carries her sketch pad in hand and at any moment will draw a replica of the scene or individual she meets.

mike lunch
Rock climbing

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