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A Day in the Life of a CLE Job Coach

by Kati Strong, Education Coordinator CLE Austin

Bri at work - CLE Austin9:30 am

Meet Volunteer Group participants at CLE center; check for appropriate uniforms; send student who forgot dress code requirements home to change with encouragement to return quickly so the group can make it to work on time.

9:38 am

Drive Volunteer Group to work site.

10 am

Introduce student workers to their shift supervisors and co-workers or, if participants have worked at this site on prior occasions, prompt student workers to independently seek out their department supervisors and check in for their work shift.

10:05 am

Greet General Manager at work site; chat for a few minutes and seek clarification of new uniform standards. Be friendly and build the partner relationship, with a particular focus on the needs of the business.

10:10-10:40 am

Move through work site to check in with student workers in their assigned areas. Make note of workers’ engagement with their tasks, understanding of instructions, attention to detail, pace and quality of work. Offer feedback in the moment, both positive and constructive criticism. Check in with supervisors briefly so as not to occupy too much of their time, but still demonstrating presence and availability if needs arise with student workers.

10:40-11:30 am CLE Austin - Job coach

After confirming that other student workers are focused and working independently without need for additional support, spend time with a worker who is needing extra support. Observe training provided by work site staff. Observe student worker’s attempts at completing task after training and make mental note of difficulties; analyze task and identify specific steps where student is struggling; re-train task with expert knowledge in student’s areas of difficulty and learning style. Provide ongoing feedback and support, coaching student as they move toward being able to independently complete the task successfully.

11:30-11:55 am

Leave student to work independently after reminding them of meeting place when shift is over. Check in with other student workers and their department supervisors once more to ensure performance has maintained throughout the shift.

12 pm

Meet group at end of shift and drive back to CLE center.

12:30 pm

Document morning job coaching notes. Email the student advisor and ILS instructor of the student who is having difficulty with remembering their work uniform; request extra support like schedule reminders and checklists in the student’s apartment to help them remember their uniform. Send and respond to emails with local professionals about upcoming job shadowing opportunity for CLE students. Make a call to a nearby animal shelter to request a future Career Exploration visit.

1 pm


1:30 pmCLE Austin - Career Development

Drive to meet a student at their interview site.

2 pm

Accompany student to a job interview. Serve as a support person, deferring to student applicant to speak for themselves and act as independently as possible. Contribute to the interview when directly addressed or to provide gentle prompts as needed to assist student (e.g., clarifying a question that the student has difficulty understanding; prompting the student with an additional question when they’ve answered an interview question too briefly, or neglected to share specific experience they have related to the topic).

2:30 pm

After interview is over, visit several nearby businesses to talk to them about CLE, discuss partnership opportunities, and gather contact information of management for further communication follow-up.

3 pm

Drive back to CLE center.

3:30 pm

Lead a Career Workshop group at the CLE center focused on Disclosing a Disability in the Workplace: Why, When, How, and To Whom? Engage students in group activities that help them to learn the laws protecting employees with disabilities and their rights and responsibilities when needing accommodations in the workplace.

4:30 pm

Lead a Jobs Group in the computer lab at the CLE center. Assist students in various stages of their job search with professional correspondence, job searching, job applications, pre-employment assessments, and scheduling job interviews.

5:30 pm

Wrap up the day writing session notes and sending emails to update a couple of families on their students’ recent progress.

6 pm

Go home tired and satisfied to see the growth and progress in your student workers; feel privileged to walk alongside them as they move ever closer to their goal of adult independence.


  • Model for students professional standards of behavior and performance
  • Observe, assess, offer training, and provide feedback
  • Maximize student workers’ independence
  • Communicate and engage with CLE team to provide global, comprehensive support to Career Development students
  • Build positive relationships with local employers
  • Help students build the skills and habits needed to be successful employees

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