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2016 Enrichment Programs

CLE Announce Dates for 2016 Pre-College Enrichment Program Series

CLE is proud to announce four enrichment programs aimed at fulfilling our commitment to providing supports and services to students with varying exceptionalities. The unique opportunities experienced through CLE’s own Game Design Camp, Summer Career Development, Summer Exploration, and Summer Film Exploration allow students to discover and build upon a variety of skills that will aid in their transition to life after high school.

Game Design Camp Game Design Camp Brochure

  • Austin, TX • 1 Week * Day Camp
  • March 14-18, 2016
  • CLE Game Design Camp gives diverse students the opportunity to participate in the exciting production of their own video game while developing personal and team participation skills. During Game Camp, students will learn what is involved in the inventive process of game creation and will put their new found knowledge to work.

Summer Career ExplorationSummer Career Development

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL • 2 Weeks • Residential Camp
  • June 12-26, 2016
  • Prepare for future employment and gain real world work experience. Students build upon their employment skills through a variety of volunteer placements. With individual and team support, students receive job coaching while having fun working with their peers.

CLE Summer Exploration Summer Brochure 2015

  • Denver, CO • 3 Weeks * Residential Camp
  • June 19-July 9, 2016
  • Experience a snapshot of life after high school within a supportive environment. Students participate in their choice of college or vocational courses while enhancing their social development and independent living skills. Students live in dorms and attend non-credited courses at a nearby college campus.

CLE Summer Film Exploration CLE Film Experience Enhancement Program

  • Costa Mesa, CA • 2 Weeks * Residential Camp
  • July 10-23, 2016
  • Film Exploration is a two-week immersion into the world of film production for High School Juniors, Seniors, and recent graduates. Students will work alongside their peers and industry professionals gaining insight into cinematic arts while also experiencing a taste of independent living in a supported environment.

Newsletter Articles – September 2015

walk daily for exercise

While many people see counselors for depression, studies suggest that you should also be seeing a personal trainer. In 2009, The Harvard Medical School launched a review of multiple studies on the effect of exercise in those with mild to severe depression and found a strong link between physical activity and the treatment of this mental health issue. Even if someone has never had depression, having a regular exercise routine can help prevent it from ever starting.

Exercising on treadmill

Sleep. Exercise. Eat well. Gratitude. Be yourself. Forgiveness. All components of a healthy and happy life.

Cooking with special needs

As we move into the fall semester, challenges present themselves with the ever-changing student and their abilities to navigate in the kitchen. Several current students, as well as those in the past, have expressed trepidation when faced with such tasks as cooking on the stovetop. These fears are realized by the impending thought of getting splashed with hot oil during a session of sautéing or pan-frying while attending cooking appointments.


Healthy lifestyle: being able to do what is right for myself, my body, and when I can get that done it leads to a healthy mind and healthy relationships.

Drink water for better health

For a young adult with learning challenges, maintaining health may not be at the forefront of daily decisions. Here are a few tips for a healthy outlook.

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